Women’s Wheel Building Scholarship

Women’s Wheel Building Scholarship

We are excited to offer a scholarship to our special Women’s Wheel Building Foundations class!

The upcoming session is comprised of the following classes:
July 10 from 9am-5pm
July 11-13 from 6pm-9pm

This class is an intimate, hands-on setting with just five students at a time taught by Sugar Wheel Works founder Jude Gerace.

No prior mechanic experience needed.  The class covers instruction and parts are offered at a 20% discount if you want to take the wheels home with you. All spots in the class are reserved for scholarship students.

Participants must be willing to commit to all days of class and must be 18 years or older.

Apply for a scholarship using the form below. Please spread the word!


ShopTalk: What’s Our Secret?

ShopTalk: What’s Our Secret?

Sugar Wheel Works founder Jude Gerace builds the best wheels, day in and day out

To be a great bicycle wheel builder, you need to build great wheels every time.

Every. Dang. Time.

That’s why we believe in consistency and we create every Sugar Wheel Works handbuilt wheel as though it is a masterpiece. With this attitude and dedication, every wheels turns out the very best it can be.

We build bicycle wheels day in and day out. It would be easy to become complacent in our work, but we love what we do and we have a passion for the craft. We carry out every wheel build with unwavering quality, with a consistency we can be proud of and that results in you having the best when possible.

In fact, we log all of our wheel builds. Each wheel we sell comes with a serial number and is stored in our database along with important notes about that specific wheel. We love our babies and want to keep track of every single one.

So when it comes time for you to get some fresh hoops, come to Sugar Wheel works. We’re always ready to handbuild the best wheel so you can have a sweeter ride.