Sugar Wheels on the Trail

Sugar Wheels on the Trail

“It was our first chilly morning when we awoke with the Deschutes River just a few feet from our tents. After I groggily stumbled to the bathroom, I found Jude and Jocelyn laughing in the middle of the campsite. I immediately started to laugh too because Jude was wearing a puffy sleeping bag with cutout arms that resembled a giant, green marshmallow. Already, I knew that we would have a great trip.”

And so the tale begins.

Sugar Wheel Works founder Jude Gerace took her brand new Breadwinner Komorebi – dressed for the part with the perfect set of Sugar wheels – out for a spin along the Oregon Stampede bikepacking route, along with two friends.

“There were many moments where I was just listening to the sound of my tires crunching gravel beneath my tires,” Jude says. “We weren’t going at a soul crushing pace but we weren’t lolly gagging either. We were floating – I think this is the day when I solidified the love for my new Breadwinner Komorebi. This bike is magic.”

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