Jude Gerace: master wheelbuilder, lover of the bicycle, optimist, and part-time spy.

Jude founded Sugar Wheel Works (then Epic Wheel Works) in 2009. The inspiration came in 2008 during a three month bicycle tour of Patagonia, when she decided to create a business that:
  • provides high-quality wheels tailored to each rider
  • provides first-class customer service
  • follows sustainable practices
  • contributes to the community
  • is a great place to work
Through years of hard work and a great team, she has made this a reality with Sugar.
Jude's love of cycling flourished in her teens, when she used her bike to explore outside of her hometown, Chicago. In her twenties she'd see the world by bike, touring six of the seven continents. Lately, Jude's passion to pedal is as strong as ever -- you can find her buzzing around the West Hills, tearing it up and getting muddy on mountain trails, or just out running errands.

Little known fact:
Everything Jude owns has pink on it somewhere. Every single thing.

Nickname: McJudever

Nick Sande: master wheelbuilder, bike packing guru, perfectionist, and trail builder.
Nick joined Sugar in 2017. 
Nick has been in the cycling industry for over half his life.  His proudest accomplishment, aside from working at Sugar, was designing bikes for Surly.  Nick brings an eye for efficiency and never ending optimism to the Sugar team!

Nick started his cycling career when he was two years old--as soon as he knew pedaling could get him to the other side of the block and away from his parents!  In junior high, pre-dating any mountin bike trails, Nick looked for the off road routes to get him around town.  When he's not building wheels Nick is exploring off-road routes and volunteering building mountain bike trails.

Nickname:  Nick
Ryan Linville: master wheelbuilder, lover of the bicycle, father, and indoor soccer champion.
Ryan joined Sugar in 2015. 
His experience and kindness are vital to keeping the shop spinning smoothly. 

As a kid, Ryan was riding BMX bikes with his friends on the track he built in the backyard of his Mt Tabor house. He's been contributing to the cycling community ever since, with over two decades in the industry and 15 years of racing. He loves the freedom, simplicity, and youthful energy that comes from a life on two wheels.


Dan Waugh: master wheel bundler, lover of walking, journalist, and part-time fire fighter.
Dan joined Sugar in 2011. 
His cheerful character and internal drive make him a great addition to the team.

Dan has a passion for life, often indulging in long walks, eating creative fusion foods, and listening to glam metal. He enjoys celebrating holidays, particularly those with good decorations like Halloween and Christmas. Dan has the spirit of a journalist, exploring what people have done or will be doing at certain points in the past and future.

Nickname: Danielsan

Sugar is grateful to the United Cerebral Palsy job placement and coaching program for connecting Dan to the team.

Ozzie Gerace: greeter, expert napper, and box destroyer.

Ozzie joined Sugar in 2017. 
His natural curiosity keep our spirits high...there's never a dull moment when Ozzie's around!

Ozzie is an Austrailian Shepherd who loves trail running and is learning to be a shop and adventure dog!

Nickname:  Ozz ball