#crossishere Sale - Put Some Sugar in Your Season!

Aug 22, 2019

Cyclocross Season Sale!
Save 10-15% off handbuilt wheels from Sugar Wheel Works

August 1-December 31, 2019


The Most Wonderful Season is Here

It's time for the soupy, sloppy, magical madness that is cyclocross season! Once upon a time, we all hung up our bikes at this time of year (anyone remember that?) But that was the olden days. These days, we have cross... and the world is a better place because of it.

Put Some Sugar in Your Season

This year, take things up a notch and put a little Sugar Wheel Works Magic Sauce on your season. We'll help you design the perfect wheels for the type of racer you are, and the conditions you're racing in - wherever you live. What are the best wheels for cyclocross? We'll talk you through some options!

Benefits of Handbuilt Wheels for Cyclocross

  • Handbuilt wheels are more durable, easier to repair - even if you have a mishap midseason
  • Precision tuning means a better built wheel - and cross is hard on wheels so you want to race with the best
  • Handbuilt wheels are customizable to your personal performance specifications
  • They are also customizable to your aesthetic preferences
Why else are handbuilt wheels better than machine built wheels? What our video to find out why.

The Fine Print

  • Must have a current, valid USAC, UCI or OBRA racing license (or equivalent where you live)
  • Must be a wheel that is optimized for cyclocross racing
  • Ideal for ~33mm tubeless tires/tubulars
  • Valid only during cross season