Customer Profile: Kelly Milligan

Mar 24, 2016

Kelly Milligan is a retired fireman from San Diego, California and he's been riding bike sfor nearly 50 years.

"As kids we used to take Schwinn Stingrays and put motorcycle handlebars on them and race, dirt jump etc just like in the beginning of the classic movie "On Any Sunday", that was us." As he grew up, life changed, but Kelly says he never lost that zeal for biking.

"My wife and I have done some great rides together, the Flume trail in Tahoe, the hut to hut San Juan hut systems ride, from Telluride Co to Moab Ut, and recently around Crater Lake, which by-the-way has "no" flat sections!"

And while Kelly has had plenty of exciting adventures out there on the road, he says that his new Sugar Wheels have made the adventure even sweeter. "This is the most excited I've ever been to get out and ride. And after my brief 20 miles the other day, I am certain much of that has to do with the great wheelset - these wheels are awesome! I am very finicky, particular, about things, and your wheelset along with a very specific bike build have proven to be the perfect match."

It makes us so happy to hear about matches like this - and happy rides.

It seems like there's no stopping Kelly now. Where is he off to next? "My next adventurous ride is going from Waldo Lake back home to Bend via singletrack, forest service roads and a bit of pavement, approximately 55 miles."

We can't wait to hear all about that adventure. And your adventures! Are you going bold places on your Sugar wheels? We'd love to hear about it - drop us a line.