Dreaming of a White (Industries) Christmas

Nov 7, 2018

It may or may not be snowing, but the Sugar Wheel Works shop is about to be covered in White. White Industries hubs, to be exact.

These are the days for getting cozy by the fire, and we choose White Industries to be our holiday snuggle buddy. 

To kick off the holiday season, we're offering 15% off complete wheel builds designed around White Industries hubs. 

NOW is the time to finally get that new set of wheels you've been dreaming of. And carbon hoops are part of the deal so... DREAM AWAY! 

We have wheels for everyone!


Only available November 16-December 19.

Email us to take advantage of this special pricing
  • 15% off all complete wheel builds (only)* with White Industries Hubs
  • You may add a Dynamo Schmidt SON front hubs and still take advantage of this offer. 
  • Shutter Precision hubs are not eligible.
Not sure what wheels you want? Just drop us a line and we'll have a chat.


This offer is valid on Sugar Wheel Works complete builds only. The offer does not apply if you want to bring in your own parts.