Meet the Crew!

Sep 18, 2017

Ryan - Bernadette - Nick

There are some fresh faces around the shop these days, so we thought we’d take a minute to give the crew a chance to share some of their thoughts on the magic happening at Sugar Wheel Works.


Sugar Wheel Works founder Jude Gerace appreciates the collaborative nature of the shop. This dream crew feeds of each other’s knowledge. She likes having other experts around who she can lean on and problem solve with.


Jude decided to turned the mic over to the crew to let them share their thoughts.




RYAN - Started in 2014. Likes indoor soccer and being with his family,


BERNADETTE - Started May 2017. A HUGE Seattle Seahawks fan.


NICK - Started in August 2017. Outdoors addict who likes  being active with his pup.


OZZIE - Started in August 2017. The Australian Shepherd shop dog. Likes belly rubs.


What is so special about what goes on at the Sugar Wheel Works shop?

RYAN - Everyone here is smart, dedicated and bright. They’re doing what they love, and doing it really well.


BERNADETTE - This is an intelligent, integrous and happy crew. t’s not just about the wheels, it’s about the people.


NICK - I was already enthusiastic about wheels before I started working here, now I’m 30% more enthusiastic. I feed off the energy of the people here. They’re not simply passionate about wheels, they have a knowledge base and they’re motivated to go the extra mile to help customers find what they want


OZZIE - There’s a really good napping spot under Ryan’s workbench.


What has surprised you most about working here?

R - Even after all these years, I am surprised how fresh things remain.


N - How tight the tolerances need to be. I thought I knew what I was doing, but I quickly learned I needed to up my game to be here at Sugar.


B - You know, there was a time when I didn’t fully appreciate what Sugar has to offer. I knew about Sugar, I had a neighbor who has all Sugar wheels, but I didn’t think Sugar was for me. Over time as I got to know more about the company, my view shifted. Now that I’m here, it’s wonderful to watch Jude talk with customers and help them understand what a handbuilt wheel can do for them, and why it matters. They have a place here. I’m so excited to be a part of Sugar.


What do you like about handbuilt wheels?

N - Handbuilt wheels allow components to live up to their true potential. With a manufactured wheel, you’re only getting 70-80% of the performance out of a component. Strength, durability and ride quality of a component are maximized in a handbuilt wheel.


R - I appreciate the opportunity for conversation with customers. We get to tailor what we’re doing to the needs of the customer and match the wheel to the rider. We spend time understanding who they are as people, and how they ride.


B - No matter the product, when it is being made with love in a space filled with positive energy, it makes the product so much better.


What is your favorite aspect of the wheel building process?

N - I like to think of wheel truing as being like a sheepdog herding sheep. Slowly the chaos is brought together into alignment. When I finally get to the point of pre-stressing the wheel and it hasn’t budged, I know it’s a good wheel. I know all the sheep are in their pen.


R - I enjoy the truing and tensioning of a wheel. Bringing it into shape. It’s methodical and meditative.


O - I like the boxes the delivery guy brings. When they’re empty, I get to play with them.