Wear Your Sugar Day - 10/26

Oct 12, 2018

Join us in honor of the First Annual International Wear Your Sugar Day, a celebration of handbuilt wheels and insanely comfy t-shirts*.

On October 26, 2018 handbuilt wheel fans from all over the world will wear their Sugar Wheel Works t-shirts for an entire day. To participate, start your day by donning a Sugar Wheel Works t-shirt and go about your day in style. 

Meet the New Shirts!

We recently launched a new line of Sugar Wheel Works t-shirts. Each color reflects the aura of one of our wheel builders (read all about them here). If you don't have one of our shirts or if it's time for a freshie, we've got you covered. Place your order early so it arrives in time for Wear Your Sugar Day.


Grand Prize

Post to Instagram with #NeverSalty and you could win our grand prize.

The person who posts the most entertaining picture of a Sugar Wheel Works t-shirt in action will win a fantastic prize pack with Breadwinner Blend Coffee roasted by Water Avenue and a custom Sugar Wheel Works mug designed by Bethany Bauman and created by potter Laura Cooke.

If your Instagram is private, we won't be able to see your post so be sure to also send us the pic directly through Instagram. By sending us a pic and/or posting with #NeverSalty, we will assume you are granting us access to share your pic. If you don't want us to share it, please just let us know and we're happy to comply.

Photo Gallery


* Special thanks to our friends at Astral Cycling for inspiring this special day!