Happy Equinox!  It's that time of year when the daylight is getting shorter and lights are becoming an essential part of the bicycle commute, adventure, or morning/evening road rides.  We've got your back!

From September 21-October 5 2018 we're offering:

  • 10% off Shimano and Shutter Precision dynamo front wheels or 15% off dynamo wheel sets*

  • 15% off Schmidt dynamo front wheels or 15% off dynamo wheel sets*

  • 15% off on lights listed below

*To qualify for this promotion all parts must be purchased through Sugar Wheel Works.  Complete wheels only.


How to order:

Front wheels start at $285 and can be as much as $500 depending on your build spec. The best way to start your order is through our contact page.  Give us a few details about your bike and a rough sense of budget. For simplicity sake, we’ve only selected our favorite dynamo and lighting options.


Hub offerings:

In short, we're offering the full line of Schmidt Son28 and Son Deluxe hubs, Shutter Precision hubs, and Shimano Alfine or XT hubs.  We've included a short blurb about each hub.

  1. Schmidt SON hubs:  What's remarkable about Son hubs is that they handle condensation better than any other dynamo hub, which is why they tend to be more durable.  Made in Germany, these hubs are precision machined and rugged enough for the road less traveled. Front wheels generally start around $350.
  2. Shutter Precision:  These hubs are a terrific bang-for-the-buck dynamo hub offering a two year warranty and a variety of axle options.  Front wheels generally start around $290.
  3. Shimano Alfine or XT:  Shimano hubs are reliable and budget friendly!  While not every axle configuration is a possibility, Shimano has expanded their offerings to include a 12x100 thru axle option.  Front wheels generally start around $285.
Light offerings:
  1. Sinewave Beacon:  The bikepacker's dream!  In addition to a 750 lumen* symmetrical light pattern, this light also offers USB charging directly from the light.  The Beacon is compatible with a supplemental battery that can be used to power the light in low speed or stationary (camping) modes. Tail light compatible and weatherproof.  Made in the USA. Here's a link to the light with more information.  Our wheel builder, Nick, uses this light on his off-road adventures and raves about its performance and durability.  Headlight $350
  2. Supernova E2 Pro 2:  A stylish, functional, and durable light for commuting and touring.  This light utilizes a continuous light pattern (even at low speeds), 205 lumens*, and weatherproof housing.  5 year warranty. Tail light compatible only with Supernova lights. Here's a link to the headlight and tail light.  Jude uses this set on her commuter bike and says,  "It's a fantastic performing light that adds to the aesthetic of the bike."  Headlight $209-$222 (depending on color of light housing), Tail light: $76-$84.
  3. Busch and Muller IQ-X with Secula taillight:  A powerful, 100 lux*, headlight that offers daytime running lights housed in a durable aluminum anodized casing.  Busch and Muller lights are compatible with most taillights on the market but we recommend the Busch and Muller Secula Plus, which comes in either seatpost/seatstay or fender mounting options.  Here's a link to the headlight and tail light. Headlight $160, tail light $40.

*Side note- Lumens and Lux are not the same. Lumens measure light output (brightness) and Lux measures light output against a 2-dimensional surface.  



Alas, our tiny studio is a tough place to do Dynamo light installations efficiently so we're referring you to one of our favorite local shops (which happens to be two blocks from our studio).  Abraham Fixes Bikes, known for their attention to detail, offers a variety of light mounting options starting at $45.  Want your wires hidden? No problem! Want your lights mounted professionally with zip ties? You got it!