We're really proud to offer you part of our wheel building brain.  We want you to purchase your hand-built wheels with confidence and so we decided that every order will be looked over by a real human wheel builder.  If any discrepencies are discovered we'll get in contact with you and adjust your wheel design.

All our wheels are 100% built by hand to the highest tolerances allowable for each material.  We also put a unique serial number on your wheels so if you have any questions years down the road (spoke length, original spec, original build tolerences, etc.) we've got you covered.  Each wheel also comes with a certificate of build listing the spoke lengths used.

If you're having wheels shipped to you, you'll get a few spare spokes and nipples--just in case!  If you're a local customer we've got your back with 1 year of complimentary wheel truing and 3 years of complimentary spoke replacement.

A note about the technical limitations of using this tool: 

We designed this tool to download as much of our wheel building brain as possible and still, there are some limitations with this tool and some selections that are unique and thereby difficult to capture.  For example, you may find that there isn't a compatible rim with the parameters you've entered.  You needen't fret.  At this point you can refresh the options by returning to "Wheel Size" without having to enter all your techincal data again or, you're always welcome to contact us here at the shop.  We hope you'll have fun designing your wheels!