Custom Wheel Builder

We're stoked to work with you on a new set of hand-built wheels!  The Custom Wheel Builder uses a series of questions to ensure that you're getting the right set of wheels for your riding style and desired outcome.  You'll start by answering a few questions about you and your bicycle before selecting components.  After your build is comissioned your assigned wheel builder will review your build and offer insights or recommendations where appropriate so you can ride with confidence.  

Not sure what wheel set will best work for you?  Get the conversation started here.  Include basic information about your bike and how you'll be using this new wheel set.  One of our builders will return with follow-up questions and suggestions for your build!

About the Custom Wheel Builder


What bike is getting these wheels?

Wheel Size:

Rim Material:

Brake Type:

Hub & Hub Color:

What components would you like in your wheel:​​​​​​​

Tire Mounting Type:

Rim Choice:

Spokes & Nipples:

Tell us about you:

Your Info:

Basic Info:

Now that you've built up your wheel set, what happens next?  Glad you asked!  Keep an eye out for a link to your own build page.  Here you'll be assigned a builder who will review your build and update your build page as your order progresses.  All our wheels are 100% built by hand to the highest tolerances allowable for each material.  If you're having wheels shipped to you, you'll get a few spare spokes and nipples--just in case!  If you're a local customer we've got your back with 1 year of complimentary wheel truing and 3 years of complimentary spoke replacement.  Tracking information will be available on your build page.  Orders may take up to two weeks to fulfill.