ShopTalk: How to Build a Wheel

ShopTalk: How to Build a Wheel

Wheel building class at Sugar Wheel Works

Much like a great concert pianist is trained but ultimately must have that special touch to perform beautiful music, such is the art of building bicycle wheels. Books and instructors can teach you a lot, but only about 80% of the required skills can be obtained through instruction.

That other 20% is what we call the pinch of salt. It’s that little something extra that comes only with time, experience, thoughtfulness, patience and a true love of the art.

Aspiring wheel builders and hobbyists wanting to work on a home bicycle wheel building project often ask us how we do what we do, and we love that question! We are so supportive of helping more people learn. In fact, we even offer wheel building classes at Sugar Wheel Works on a regular basis.

So if you’re building up a bicycle wheel and you ever find yourself frustrated in the process, don’t worry – this is natural. All the book learning in the world can’t prepare you for that pinch of salt. Keep at it if you want to be the best! Or, you can simply bring your work to Sugar where we do this all the time, all day long.

And boy do we love what we do!