Chris King Sale! & A Love Letter

Chris King Hub Sale – LAST CHANCE for Matte Punch

10-15% off Chris King Hubs through December 14, 2019

Chris King Precision Components is discontinuing the (obviously) beloved Matte Punch color to make way for two new colors: Violet and Bourbon. Get in on the bike bling while you still can – be one of the chosen few to own this iconic color! Chris King hubs can be rebuilt time and time again (we can do that for you) so you’ll be able to love these hubs for a very long time to come.

Dear Matte Punch,

Oh how we pined for you daily. Your vibrant hue, so similar to ours, it was love at first sight. Every time an order came in for your color, the entire shop lit up with joy.

We still get butterflies when we look at you.

It feels like we just met yesterday, but at the same time it feels like we have known you all our life. You make time meaningless, you make birds soar, the sun shine and stars twinkle. Your vibrancy as you roll by sparks love in the world.

We understand your reasons for having to go away, but still it makes us sad. We promise to honor our love for you by making friends with Bourbon and Violet. You will never be forgotten as we contiune rebuild all those old Chris King hubs that have been though endless miles. Our love for you burns for all eternity.

With all our heart,
Sugar Wheel Works


  • 15% off all orders of complete wheels using Matte Punch, Violet or Bourbon hubs
  • 10% off all orders of complete wheels using any other Chris King hub color
  • Orders must be placed by December 14 (the LAST CHANCE for Matte Punch)
  • We can source headsets and bottom brackets to match!
  • This offer does not apply if you bring in your own parts

Contact us today to get your order started. Even if you aren’t sure where to get started, we can talk through some options with you as together we bid a fond farewell to Matte Punch.


Do you have matte punch hubs (or other components)? Share your love with the world!
Post your pics to Instagram with #FarewellMattePunch


  • As this is a pre-order process, lead times may be slightly longer than usual. We will do our best, as always!
  • For those who already have CKPC hubs, it is important to fully overhaul them every two years or ‘as needed.
  • We offer Chris King hub service! Our turnaround is generally only about 3-7 days on hubsets.
  • If hubs starts to get really loud, the bearings feel rough to the touch, or they chronically come out of adjustment its time to get them overhauled.