We make custom bicycle wheels, tuned specifically for you — for your bike, your riding style, your dreams.


A bicycle wheel is kinda like a suspension bridge: Made out of flexible wiresbut once it’s built and tensioned just right, it becomes super-strong and built to last.

You wouldn’t buy an “off-the-shelf” suspension bridge, right?

We think bicycle wheels should be tuned exactly for you — for your bike, your weight, your riding style, your needs. Designed to look how you want them to look; to feel how you want them to feel. And built to keep rolling for years and years. 


We love to get people rolling on wheels built exactly for them. Check out some of our customers’ stories.

Amy Polo

“I love to explore the less-travelled routes. I have my little gravel obsessions. I will spend an entire season devoted to exploring one area: Gifford Pinchot, Central Oregon, or my latest fascination: the Fifteenmile Creek area around Dufur.”

Sepie Moinipanah

“The thing I love about cycling is the ability to experience your surroundings from a different perspective. You can cover more ground than on foot and slow enough to appreciate the nature around you.”

Jodi Gee

“Cycling has brought me through some pretty hard times including 3 major surgeries, and a continuing battle with thyroid cancer. My recovery is going so well that I’ll be able to run again soon. But the bike will always be my favorite, now!”

Shimran George

“There’s something spiritual about riding a bike and being able to think critically about how you can tackle challenges. Emotions are magnified tenfold. It’s a great time for reflection — and as humans I feel like being able to reflect and gain clarity are essential. Why not do it while pedaling for hours?”


Here are some of the sweetest wheels we build. Each wheelset is hand-built for you, your bike, and your riding style.

Mountain Wheelsets

The best mountain bike wheels are tough and resilient — but light, nimble and agile. We have handbuilt wheel options for everything from XC racing to trail and enduro to ultra-reliable bikepacking hoops. We can build for any standard, whether you need boost, hyper-boost or galactic boost.

Road Wheelsets

Whether you’re looking for super-fast aero wheels to slip through the wind or spry featherweight hoops to dance up the climbs — we’ll get you the perfect set of tarmac tamers. Carbon, alloy, SRAM, Shimano, Campy, whatever you need.

Each of our Signature Wheelsets are defined by their three main components: Rims / Hubs / Spokes

If you want something completely custom we can do that too! Fill out the form below and let’s talk.

Custom Wheels

Sometimes you just want to talk to someone on the phone about the wheelset of your dreams. Operators are standing by - let us know a little about what you're looking for and let's get down to it. We're talking dream journals, mood boards, you get the picture.

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We make finding your new wheels a sweet experience

Step One

Browse our signature wheels, or fill out the above custom inquiry form. When you’re ready, smash that Add to Cart button!

Step Two

We’ll call to finalize the build to go over the details and make adjustments specific to your riding style and needs — ensuring that you get the best possible wheels!

Step Three

We’ll get to work building your dream wheels. We’ll coordinate shipping and handling costs and provide an updated ETA.

Step Four

We’ll ship your wheelset to your door, or you can pick them up from us at our studio here in Portland.

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