Made in Oregon: Project 321

Project 321 is one of four awesome Oregon brands we’re highlighting for our Ride Oregon Made Celebration. Save 15% on your dream wheels June 18-30, 2019. See details here.

Our goal is to build you the best wheels possible, and we couldn’t do that without the support of our incredible vendors. One of the newest on the scene is Project 321 out of Bend, Oregon. We thought we’d take a quick minute to introduce you to this fun-loving, hard-working crew.

A “Have it All” Approach

Project 321 manufactures quality bike components. They believe that you can have it all – if you’re willing to work hard enough to make it happen. Case in point: their magnetically actuated drive system, which functions exactly opposite of a traditional mechanical push spring. “This is definitely the most unique aspect of our product line,” says co-owner Sam Ottemoeller. “By using magnets instead of springs we are able to offer sound level options and exceptionally low drag.”

Bike Rumor summed it up well when they said, “If you could design the perfect drive mechanism, what would it be? High engagement? Low drag? Quiet? Those were the answers Project 321 were looking for when they set out to design a new drive system. While the new drive system allows the rider to choose the volume of their pawls, it also creates a system that claims to have far less drag while keeping the high degree of engagement, all with fewer moving parts.”

This is How We Do Business in Oregon

When Project 321 moved their headquarters from Fresno, California to Bend, Oregon they quickly fell in love with the region. The natural world around them, with trails out their back door, inspires everything they do.

“Oregon is such a welcoming, and beautiful, state!” Sam says. “We have made wonderful connections since we moved to Bend. Many local bicycle related companies have reached out to us and we have made awesome personal connections as well. There is a general sense of productivity and excitement – which definitely makes it fun to do business here!

Though they’ve been busy getting the company up and running in Bend, Sam says they are certainly trying to get out and ride a bit, too. “We love Phil’s Trail Complex and McKenzie River is happening this summer for sure!”

We Love Our Vendors

We enjoy getting to know our vendors and forming relationships that allow us to truly know the people behind the quality components we’re adding to your wheels. With Project 321, it turns out the feeling is mutual.

“We had heard great things about Sugar Wheel Works even before connecting and they were all true!” Sam says. “They’re super friendly, very easy to work with. We truly appreciate that Sugar thought of us and reached out for the Ride OREGON Made project. We are so happy to be in such a friendly community.”

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