Save 10-20% on Custom Handbuilt Wheels!

Because around these parts, it’s not Daylight Savings Time, it’s Daylight Savings WOOT!

Cash in on deep discounts and fast turnaround times for your brand new set of custom handbuilt wheels! Guaranteed to get you out of the winter slump.

Sale DetailsFebruary 25 through March 7

20% off pre-designed Sugar Signature wheels with CX RAY spokes. 

  • Centerlock disc only.
  • Black only

Alloy Road//Gravel Disc  — 28/28 spoke only

  • Rims – Astral, HED
  • Hubs – Chris King, White Industries

Carbon Road/Gravel Disc — 24/24 spoke only

  • Rims – Astral, Knight, HED
  • Hubs – Chris King, White Industries

Road Rim brake — Carbon and Alloy. 20/24 spoke only

  • Rims – Astral, HED, Velocity
  • Hubs – Chris King, White Industries

Additional Discounts

  • 15% off full custom carbon builds
  • 10% off full custom alloy builds
  • Discounts available for tires, cassettes, rotors with complete wheelset orders


Daylight Savings WOOT!

The days are getting longer and we’re all just ITCHING to get out there and ride more. Fantastic riding is right around the corner and we want to help you get ready.

We designed a selection of our favorite rim+hub combinations to ease you out of winter and get you stoked for the ride. We’ll tie them together with our favorite spokes – the Sapim CX Ray.

Here comes the sun doo-doo doo doo!

Dry singletrack, clean pavement and gravel adventures await. Whether we’re hopping out of bed for dawn patrol or leaving the office for our post-work social rides, we’re undeniably stoked to get back out on the bike.

We’re also excited to get you on a new set of handbuilt wheels, and right now we can make it happen faster than ever. Once March hits, our orders really start to pile up. Place your order now and take advantage of our fastest turnaround times.

Break away from the pack and place your orders before the longest days are here. We’ll get you on a beautiful set of custom handbuilt wheels just in time for the best of the best. 

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