Summertime Shop Updates

We’ve been a little quiet with these missives lately because we’ve been busily building wheels in the shop.

Though we are familiar with ups and downs, busy seasons and surges in workload, the last 16 months have been like nothing we’ve ever experienced. Holy cow!

At the same time, this surging demand for all things bicycle has left major holes in the bike industry supply chain. It’s hard to convey the level of difficulty these shortages have created. We have shifted our operations in response and are adapting to our new reality.

The good news is that we feel stronger than ever and we have weathered this storm pretty well, all things considered.

Sugar Wheel Works is in good health and part of the reason for that is because of YOUR interest and patience. Thank you all for helping us get through this wildly challenging era of human history.

We appreciate all of you who share your rides and tag us on Instagram. It is one of our greatest joys in life to see our wheels out in the wild, truly being ridden, getting dirty and to see you having fun.

Wishing you all the very best summer riding season!

– Tony, Ira and the Sugar Wheel Works team