Wheel System Trade In Sale

Jan 15, 2019


We're on a mission to get more people on hand built wheels and put quality wheels on the road!

Did you know that some wheel systems aren't serviceable? For example, if you pop a spoke on an older Mavic Ksyrium wheel, it can't be replaced; they require a specific spoke that is no longer manufactured.

That's why for a limited time we're offering a trade in on certain wheel systems, making it easier than ever to make the smart switch to hand build wheels. 

This one goes out to all of our road gravel riding friends!


Most of these wheel systems have little to no resale value due to their obsolescence.‚Äč  Scroll down for trade-in options.
  • Mavic Ksyrium wheels in any condition (one wheel set per customer)
  • Bontrager Race X, Race X-Lite, or other paired spoke Bontrager wheels
  • Specialized Roval SCS wheel sets
  • Specialized Roval wheels sets
  • Shimano wheel systems


Hand built wheels are the sustainable choice and a wise investment in your ride life.
  • Easy to repair
  • Precision tuned
  • Customizable to performance desires
  • Color, style - choose your look!
BONUS! Nearly all the hubs we offer are re-buildable, meaning when your wheel eventually wears out, we can build a new one around that same hub.


We are donating traded wheels to PDX Devo, an impressive youth racing program in Oregon. Many kids in the program struggle to obtain performance-ready bikes they can use for competition. Your traded wheels will give them the upper edge they need to challenge themselves and pursue their racing goals!

We are thrilled to see bike racing growing as a youth sport. It simultaneously teaches independence (they are solo on the bike) and teamwork. Often kids who aren't drawn to group sports find their stride in bike racing - a fun sport that keeps kids active and healthy.

When you trade in your wheels, you're fostering the next generation of cyclists.


  • Wheels do not have to be in perfect shape
  • One set per customer
  • Valid only during the promotion
  • Valid only for the wheel sets promoted below
  • Wheels can be mailed in but will require an RA#


Email us to get the process started, or stop by the shop.

WHEEL OPTIONS (no substitutions)

ALLOY - Boyd Altamont Lite//White Industries//D-Light//Brass nipples (Save $100) 
(Alloy nipples +$22, CX-Ray upgrade: $75, Ceramic braking surface +$120)
Rim brake retail: $895    With Trade-in: $795 +20% off new tires
Disc brake retail: $910    With Trade-in: $810 +20% off new tires

Note: Pricing is for black/silver hub color. Other colors available for +$15

ALLOY - HED Belgium Plus (700c/650b)//White Industries//CX Ray//Brass nipples (Save $175) 
(Alloy nipples +$22)
Rim brake retail: $1030    With Trade-in: $855 +20% off new tires
Disc brake retail: $1120    With Trade-in: $945 +20% off new tires

Note: Pricing is for black/silver hub color. Other colors available for +$15

ALLOY - Boyd Altamont Lite//Chris King R45//D-Light//Brass nipples (Save $100) 
(Alloy nipples +$22 Campagnolo +$80 Ceramic +$140 CX-Ray upgrade: $75, Ceramic braking surface +$120)
Rim brake retail: $1075    With Trade-in: $975 +20% off new tires
Disc brake retail: $1150    With Trade-in: $1050 +20% off new tires 

ALLOY - HED Belgium Plus (700c/650b)//Chris King//CX Ray//Brass nipples (Save $200) 
(Alloy nipples +$22 Campagnolo +$80 Ceramic +$140)
Rim brake retail: $1275    With Trade-in: $1075 +20% off new tires
Disc brake retail: $1330    With Trade-in: $1130 +20% off new tires

ALLOY - Astral Solstice//Shimano Ultegra//Sapim Race//Brass nipples (save $75) 
(Alloy nipples +$22)
Rim brake retail: $645    With Trade-in: $570 +20% off new tires
Disc not available

CARBON - Built with Chris King, White Industries, or Project 321 hubs
$500 off any ENVE carbon wheel set
$400 off Knight, Astral, or Nox Carbon wheel sets


If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to email us or stop by our shop in Portland during business hours (see the bottom of the page).