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Sepie Moinipanah

  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Loves to ride: mixed terrain
  • Instagram: @sepiemoini

Sepie is an IT engineer in Portland, Oregon. When he’s not baking artisan pizza pies, you can find him (or at least try to find him) far out on the trails and backroads of Oregon and Washington — or riding with the OMTM Crew on logging roads in the middle of nowhere.

Sepie is a firm believer that the best wheelset you can get is multiple wheelsets.


“These days, I prefer to do as much mixed terrain riding as possible. I have three, soon to be four, wheels made by Sugar. While I still have a dedicated road bike with 700x25c tires, I prefer the simplicity and versatility of my Breadwinner B-Road. I have two wheelsets for this bike that Sugar put together for me — a 650b and 700c, knobbies on one, slick all-road tires on the other. These hubs on each set of wheels have been noticeably better than what I was previously using, in particular the engagement on the gravel wheels for the B-Road. I love having two wheelsets for one bike because it’s an easy change that almost makes it like two bikes.


“The thing I love about cycling is the ability to experience your surroundings from a different perspective. You can cover more ground than on foot and slow enough to appreciate the nature around you. While I really like riding with others, especially now, there’s a therapeutic element to riding solo that I really enjoy.”


“While I’ve ridden a fair amount out in The Dalles, I recently went out solo for only my second time. I had a chance to take the Japanese Hollow route in reverse and extend it into the trail system near NF-44, east of Mount Hood. It ended up being 70 miles with nearly 7,800 ft of climbing. This ride had rolling sections of pavement to bookend the route, well-maintained gravel roads, some firelanes and my favorite: single track!


Amy Polo

Amy Polo

“I love to explore the less-travelled routes. I have my little gravel obsessions. I will spend an entire season devoted to exploring one area: Gifford Pinchot, Central Oregon, or my latest fascination: the Fifteenmile Creek area around Dufur.”

Jodi Gee

Jodi Gee

“Cycling has brought me through some pretty hard times including 3 major surgeries, and a continuing battle with thyroid cancer. My recovery is going so well that I’ll be able to run again soon. But the bike will always be my favorite, now!”

Shimran George

Shimran George

“There’s something spiritual about riding a bike and being able to think critically about how you can tackle challenges. Emotions are magnified tenfold. It’s a great time for reflection — and as humans I feel like being able to reflect and gain clarity are essential. Why not do it while pedaling for hours?”